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The Civil Engineer That I am May 7, 2011

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So this is me… (apparently I like starting sentences with the word “so”)… Anyways, So this is me, a civil engineer for approximately five years now. Soon I’ll be a registered engineer. Whatever that means! (kidding). The thing is, while I love the engineering world, and while I, for the most part, enjoy my job, I’m not sure this is where my heart belongs. Some people may scuff at that remark since they think it is oh so “great” to be an engineer and I should be happy, the truth is, I’m not sure if I’m truly happy. I don’t know why. I’ve been working in the Geotechnical Department for all of my five years of working life so far and sometimes I feel as if I do more administrative work as opposed to engineering. I mean, have I really learned anything substantial? I spend so much time managing and so little time actually engineering. Is this why I am not feeling the engineering vibe? The next thing too is while I love that we as civil engineers have been supposedly granted the opportunity to contribute in some way or the other to the development of our society I somehow feel that that’s not really happening here. So far, all that I’ve been exposed to is pretty much generic. I mean, what the hell happened to innovation? Maybe it is simply that I work in an “old fashion” engineering company but then again, very rarely do I ever come across the application of new technology in the construction industry in our country. 20/20 my ass! For the uniformed, vision 20/20 in my country is a term used by our past prime minister in hopes of achieving first world status by the year 2020. What bull that is. I’ll probably blog about that some other time since it’s too much to talk about now. Anyways, back to my maybe senseless ranting… or writing… (who cares really, I just need to get this out of my head)…

Yes, where was I? Oh right, engineering. The sad thing about my life is that I’m so busy managing projects I rarely get time to really read up on things to keep myself informed about the world. Then there’s also the memory factor… Stuff I do get a chance to read often goes right out of my mind. They don’t even stick around to just chill out or anything… Is the ambiance in my mind not enjoyable enough? hmmm… Something there to think about. I think I need to get out of the geotechnical department and give another field of civil a try. Maybe in doing so I might rekindle the love for this profession of mine. I really would like to practice coastal engineering. As nerdy as that sounds, it’s what I did my final project and special investigative project on during my degree. I really enjoyed it. Too bad there’s not much coastal engineering being done in Trinidad.

Oh, once again, for the uniformed, geotechnical engineering entails the study of the engineering properties of soil, using principles of soil mechanics,  to establish the most suitable types of foundations for the construction of several types of structures, roads, bridges, buildings, retaining walls etc. It also deals with addressing difficult ground conditions during construction etc. That’s a really summarized summary of what geotechnical engineering is. In addition to all that my job also entails the study/testing of materials for construction; asphalt, concrete and aggregates.

Wow, now I felt as if I spent a hard day at work. Great…