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About Me October 30, 2010

During a night out with Sugar Rush & Fairy God Mother (aka Granny P!)

I enjoy blogging on occasions. I wouldn’t say I’m a blog-aholic. There are times when I have things on my mind that I need to get out so whenever the time comes around, I post a blog. It’s that simple. I’m emotional, I sometimes go on ranting about senseless things or sometimes writing about things that I truly am concerned about. I try to be positive most times, but hey, I’m human and I’m allowed to have my shitty days. I am generally easy going and kind but I hate it when people try to use me. It pisses me off when people take me for a pushover. I am not. Anyways, I like to laugh a lot, I like to cry a lot too.. (well maybe “like” is not the correct word but it will do).. I prefer the simpler things in life, I like to make quiet observations and although I consider myself as being very intelligent, I prefer to be humble about it. There are some assholes out there who like to point out every 2 minutes how smart they are… What a turn off! Anyways, anything else about me… Well I guess you’ll gather that from my blogs…


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