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The Story of Elmyra and the Lion August 16, 2011

Filed under: The Sweet n' Sours of The Heart — sephrahosein @ 10:58

You look at me with your pretty smile

It keeps me happy for a while

Your words holding a certain charm

But too much of it could do us harm

Why I feel this way I cannot explain

But please beware for I may cause you pain

Your heart is tender yet full of pride

You shot me out and won’t let me inside

Yes it hurts but I shall not blame you

Because I too fear that I may hurt you

For a long time I was denied this sincerity

And the type of kindness you give to me

My heart grows fonder of all that you are

But I cannot let what we have go very far

For not before long it will surely end

And I would rather not lose you my dear friend

For now, alone you walk along life’s path

But in time someone will give to you her heart

Even though I know It will not be me

Until then I’d love to keep you company

By The Bestest Girl



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