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Life August 16, 2011

Filed under: The Sweet n' Sours of The Heart — sephrahosein @ 10:46

We live and grow each day
With life teaching us the way
No matter the path we choose
We always learn, win or lose

Obstacles are always there
Making life seem unfair
Trials are these for sure
Testing if our beliefs are pure

With every breath we take
And every step we make
We learn the meaning of life
Both in easy times and strife

So when things get rough
And life seems tough
We will learn to strive
In making our dreams come alive

By The Bestest Girl

Life is a school and we are its students. We are being taught everyday and just as how we are tested on what we learn in school we are tested on what we learn in life. These tests, obstacles in our lives may disguise themselves well. It’s up to us to realise their nature and act accordingly using what we learnt. And like all exams, after it’s been corrected we see the mistakes we have made and we learn how to avoid them in the future, thus making us better equipped for other challenges strategically placed in our life’s path by the Almighty God.


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