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Bumper to Bumper May 19, 2011

Filed under: Life — sephrahosein @ 19:01

I got stuck in a total of 3 hours of traffic today… Took a break from the traffic and stopped off at a mall in central… I really really really needed to pee!! Plus I was starving to death and was in desperate need of breakfast. So after my much appreciated break I was back on the road again, in traffic of course but I was not upset or mad. I was actually in a good mood. I got in the office at 10:00 am but it was a great morning…

Sometimes I forget that I am actually the only one who can control my emotions and that whatever affects me, be it positively or negatively, affects me because I allow it. Being happy is simple. It’s a choice. Sometimes I forget that I have the option; after all I am human, but I’m glad I chose to be happy regardless of the traffic this morning because it made a big difference in how my day went… If only I could remember these things all the time! Now I’m not saying it’s as easy as pie, I mean choosing to be happy is easy, anyone can say “I choose to be happy”, but actually making the effort to be happy, that’s hard, it sure does take a lot of yourself to be happy. So I guess that would explain the down days… Maybe on my down days I’m too tired to make the effort to be happy… Ha.. Epiphany! Then again, why does it take no effort at all to be grumpy, depressed, all the negatives, but it takes hard work to be happy? hmm, food for thought..


One Response to “Bumper to Bumper”

  1. Definitely food for thought.. specially for us women. Why is it that we feel down much more easily compared to men?
    “Happiness” is worth all the effort it takes. 🙂

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