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Insufferable May 16, 2011

Filed under: Life — sephrahosein @ 15:34

My eyes are burning… Either due to lack of sleep or the jackass who decided to cut gypsum right outside the office door… I’m tending towards the latter. While I have no major allergies, some fine particles, depending on its nature, causes me to break out in hives if I’m exposed to it. Gypsum is on the list. I told ASSHOLE Vinnie (the so-called maintenance man here) about it but he ignored me. Oh well, I guess I could do with a couple days off if I do indeed break out in hives. I have so much work to do and while I’m trying to stick to progressive elaboration, it’s somehow not getting any better. This job of mine has reached beyond the point of insufferable. My work load is ridiculously high. So I’m on a one man strike… Well more like work to rule. I’m gonna quit at 4 pm (the time I’m taking to blog here is time I worked through lunch so I’m taking it back!). Wow, that’s half an hour away… seems like forever.

I’m gonna attempt to bake bread this afternoon, under the guidance of my mom of course, considering I know nothing  about baking bread. Anyways, it’s supposed to be a relaxing thing.. I enjoy cooking. It’s almost like a hobbie of mine. One day, when I get out of this shit hole I’ll open my dream restaurant…  ahh…


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