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My Addiction May 14, 2011

Filed under: The Sweet n' Sours of The Heart — sephrahosein @ 09:49

I am no expert writer nor great poet, just forming some words with my thoughts…

My Addiction by The Bestest Girl

I wanna take a ride on your endless high

Like a blazing star baby, I’m up in the sky

Your aura is like a rush to my brain

Don’t let this intoxication die in vain

It’s hard to breathe every time you’re near

My blood sizzles under your intense stare

You got me climbing walls sugar; skin on skin

How long will I hold this passion within?

I’m smiling down to the depths of my soul

Your unique sense of being has me on a roll

One in a million honey, dance with me

Share my euphoria, maybe its destiny


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