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I am Who I am May 13, 2011

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Who am I? I am smart. I am funny in my own way, I have a sense of humour. I choose to laugh at certain things rather than get upset about it. I am generally a happy person. I prefer to be pleasant to other people. I do not judge others but rather try to understand them. We are all different and that’s what makes us all normal. What is “normal” anyway? If nobody’s normal then we’re all normal. I try to make everyone around me happy. I genuinely care for those who my spirit takes to.  How I treat people is very important to me regardless of how they treat me. It is in my blood to be nice to people. I believe in being humble and I am very big on manners and how I speak to other people. I am extremely empathetic and maybe this is why I try to be kind to others. I hate to see people sad or upset. I am not a saint. I am selfish at times. Although being good is a big part of who I am, I am sometimes bad. I stand up for myself when needed, I don’t fight all the battles that come my way. I just fight the ones that really matter. Some people see that as me being a pushover but I guess they don’t know me well enough to see that I am strong and I don’t allow people to use me. I take the time to get to know people. Not judging them or turning them away at first glance is why I take the time. Humans are such amazing creatures, you never know what they’ll pull out of themselves and it may be bad or even good. I am a nerd if being a nerd means finding pleasure in the simpler things in life or in a game of scrabble or simply expressing my awe at a rainbow. I am who I am and although most people try to change these things about me, try to make me “tough”, I know what I am about and I will not let petty things in life change who I am. We live in a harsh world, where is the love? If everyone cares only for their own selves, how then would we change the world? How would we make it a better place for us and our loved ones to live? God put us here to serve Him by serving man. I am grateful to Him that I see and understand this. And I wake up every morning thanking Him for His blessings and favors on me and most important of all, I thank Him for making me a blessing for someone.


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