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Welcome to My Fucking Life August 16, 2011

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Welcome to my life

I like to call it

Let’s play pretend

Today’s big act:

Fuck you, I’m fine

Slap a smile on my face

Paint my eyes pretty

Hides the truth

I wish you were mine

Look at me

I’m the saint

Don’t do wrong

Don’t do shit

Picture perfect

College girl

Wear a halo

On my head

But look into my mind

See the fire burning

It’s really hell

I’m living in

But who the fuck cares

No one wants to know

So keep on laughing

Keep the act rolling

I, the pretender

Miss congeniality

By The Bestest Girl



Rain Drops

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Drops of heaven fall upon my face

Blessing me with this beautiful place

I welcome these sweet kisses of rain

Soothing my soul and easing my pain

Angels I see in the puddles around

Dancing and making a joyful sound

Out of the clouds the sun shines through

Creating a rainbow that reminds me of you

In this magical moment I move to a beat

Of music made by water splashing on my feet

This glorious day God has given me

For rich is the rain, that tastes of honey



By The Bestest Girl



The Story of Elmyra and the Lion

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You look at me with your pretty smile

It keeps me happy for a while

Your words holding a certain charm

But too much of it could do us harm

Why I feel this way I cannot explain

But please beware for I may cause you pain

Your heart is tender yet full of pride

You shot me out and won’t let me inside

Yes it hurts but I shall not blame you

Because I too fear that I may hurt you

For a long time I was denied this sincerity

And the type of kindness you give to me

My heart grows fonder of all that you are

But I cannot let what we have go very far

For not before long it will surely end

And I would rather not lose you my dear friend

For now, alone you walk along life’s path

But in time someone will give to you her heart

Even though I know It will not be me

Until then I’d love to keep you company

By The Bestest Girl



A Woman’s Dream

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By The Bestest Girl

Date Unknown





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We live and grow each day
With life teaching us the way
No matter the path we choose
We always learn, win or lose

Obstacles are always there
Making life seem unfair
Trials are these for sure
Testing if our beliefs are pure

With every breath we take
And every step we make
We learn the meaning of life
Both in easy times and strife

So when things get rough
And life seems tough
We will learn to strive
In making our dreams come alive

By The Bestest Girl

Life is a school and we are its students. We are being taught everyday and just as how we are tested on what we learn in school we are tested on what we learn in life. These tests, obstacles in our lives may disguise themselves well. It’s up to us to realise their nature and act accordingly using what we learnt. And like all exams, after it’s been corrected we see the mistakes we have made and we learn how to avoid them in the future, thus making us better equipped for other challenges strategically placed in our life’s path by the Almighty God.



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Out of the blue

There was he

I hadn’t a clue

What was to be

He, within days

Moved me inside

In so many ways

It was hard to hide

Yes it was he

Who captured my heart

And gave to me

My life’s new path

Now drunken by love

Fate indeed blessed me

And all heavens above

For by my side is he

By The Bestest Girl



Peace August 12, 2011

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Dear Ella,

I’ve made peace with Richard and more importantly, I’ve made peace with myself. I feel a lot lighter now. There is some degree of comfort to it, although a hint of something resembling a bitter sweet feeling still lingers. I miss him. That I do. And sometimes I am sad but today, my tears were not shed from sadness, neither was it from happiness. I think it was well, I don’t know. Anyhow, the truth is, we’re both to blame in the outcome of things, whatever happened, happened and there is no way to go back and change that so the best thing to do is to take the lessons learnt and use them for future experiences. And that’s about it. So it’s time to move on. I’m going out there bold and brave with God on my side.